Worldlink is testing for PUBG Server in Nepal

Finally, we got to know that the first PUBG Server testing has started in Nepal. According to Officials, Worldlink has already started to test the PUBG server in Nepal. However, we are still unknown how much time we have to wait for the PUBG server in Nepal.

Worldlink PUBG Mobile Server in Nepal:

Gamers are complaining about the high ping and lag issue in Nepal for so long. It’s because we don’t have a PUBG server in Nepal. PUBG Mobile Gamers in Nepal are playing in Indonesian, Bangladesh, Singapore, and other servers.

Other Nepal country like Pakistan and India also has their own PUBG server. In the past, some Nepali PUBG streamers tried to connect with Tencent for the PUBG server; due to fewer PUBG players, they didn’t get any response from Tencent.

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Currently, PUBG Gamers get around 80-100 ping in good internet connection in Nepal. Only a good internet connection cannot provide low latency gameplay. The local server plays a vital role in providing a better user experience.

As I mentioned earlier, Worldlink has started testing the PUBG server in Nepal. All thanks to Tecent for helping Worldlink to establish the PUBG server in Nepal. According to worldlink officials, if everything goes as per plan it will be implemented within a month.

Advantage of Local Server  

The local server hosts the game locally which reduces the processing time of the input. Also, it provides a faster input response which allows users to apply their actions instantly. If the server is away from the user, it will take more time to reach the server and process it.

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The local server provides better performance. It will increase the loading speed because your date is processed instantly. It also prevents lags and can provide minimal latency.

However, Tencent is yet to reveal whether it allows the entire or partial traffic to WorldLink’s PUBG server, so it is unpredictable how much ping improvement we will get with this server. Usually, Nepali PUBG Gamers get their traffic from the data center in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, and so on. Again, Tencent hasn’t revealed which traffic it will shift to the Nepali server.

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