Why iPhone is Most Sold Smartphone Everyyear?

iPhone is the most sold smartphone for past some years. I am talking about a single model. iPhone X was most sold smartphone in 2019, iPhone XR was most sold smartphone in 2019 and iPhone 11 was the most sold smartphone of 2020. Surely iPhone 12 will be the most sold smartphone of 2021. The margin between iPhone and other brands in term of single model selling units is huge. Bit why iPhone is the most sold smartphone everyear? Why People prefer buying iPhone over other Android phone? Here are top 5 reasons for why iPhone is  the most sold smartphone everyyear.

1.Brand Value

The main reason for maximum iPhones selling is definitely Apple’s brand value. Creating a brand value isn’t a easy thing to do. You need to create trust in your customers which apple is doing since they started to manufacture their own products. They are providing the best camera, design and creating a good experience with products. And customers believe in them in such way that they provide provides everything best in their smartphone and the all features are usable.

2.Security System

Now let’s talk on security system, iPhones are the best security providing smartphones. Android phone are found to be accessed easily because android is open source software and accessed by anyone but IOS is not accessible. Let me tell you a fact, once a criminal’s iPhones was asked to unlock by police to apple but with apple’s privacy and policy apple denied to unlock the phone. Due to this high security system, celebrities, businessman, most of the top politician and tech enthusiast prefer using iPhones.

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Another selling point of iPhone is its performing power. Apple manufactures their own chipset for their products. Apple A-series processor is the most powerful chipset in any smatphones or tablets. Even apple’s a-series processor performance is faster than entry level macbooks and windows laptops. Apple announced their A14 chipset with 5nm technology. Due to best chipset, gamers, streamers and other users prefer buying iphones over android phones to experience lag free performance.

4.Good Cameras

iPhone is the one of the best camera phone. They take best video in any smartphone and one of the best photos too. Personally, I like the color tone of photo clicked from iPhone which most of the people also prefer. For the content creator iPhone camera is best. iPhone provide smooth switching between different lenses and all the cameras are capable of recording high resolution videos.

5.User Experience

Apple cares about small things like IP certification, good design, wireless charging and other basic daily required features. Even $400 iPhone SE got IP certification. Apple thinks about user experience and the features available in the iphones are stable and have no issues which make user experience so good. In android phones we see ads, unnecessary pre-installed apps which user find annoying and ruin their experience.

6.Smart Marketing

Apple’s low price segment phones are more popular than high end $1100 phones. The main reason for this is because of cheaper price. All of us cannot afford that $1100 iPhone. So, Apple cutdown some features like no telephoto lens, low resolution display and slightly cheaper design. Like iPhone SE, Apple used 3 years design and used their latest chipset which cut-down its price.

So these are some reasons for why iPhone is most sold smartphone everyyear. What do you think about iPhones and Apple strategy to sell more iPhones by lowering the price. Let me know your thoughts in comment section.

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