Why iPhone is faster than Android Phones?

As you all guys know that iPhones are faster even after long-term usage.  Mobile game streamers were also found to be using iPad and iPhones for streaming. Why don’t they use android flagships like galaxy note 20 ultras, one plus 8 pros for streaming? In short, it’s all because of iPhone’s consistent performance. Here are some main reasons why iPhones are faster than android phones.

As you know, nowadays android flagship comes with 12GB,16GB RAM  and octa-core processor but if we see the speed test, raw performance, antutu score, benchmark then-latest iPhones are faster than other latest android flagship even though iPhones run on 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM. In the case of apple, Apple design and develop its processor. Apple has the best chip designing team in the world. If you see the single-core performance of iPhones then it is ahead of other high-end Android phones. If we talk about other chipset manufacturers then they take ARM architecture then modify it and apply it in their system but it’s not the case here in Apple. They design and develop their processor themselves which makes their single-core performance better. Most of the tasks we do on our phones need a single core. I didn’t mean that multi-core is useless but mostly single core is needed. There is a disadvantage of multi-core and that is the heating issue. To reduce the heat our phone’s processor slow down its performance then our phone starts to lag but we can see the consistent speed on iPhone.

Reasons Why iPhones is Faster than Android Phones:

Cache Memory

iPhone Processor has more cache memory than the android processor. Cache memory is the small and extremely fast memory that provides a high data transfer rate to the processor.


RAM and ROM used in iPhone are faster than RAM & ROM used in android phones. iPhone’s RAM & ROM have high data read and write speed that’s the reason applications being loaded faster and faster reboot of iPhone.

IOS Application

IOS applications are designed in such a way they can run can in low RAM smoothly because they optimize the apps so well. In-app optimization apple has an advantage over brands. There is limited no. of iPhones, I mean a limited number of models. They can individually optimize the app & Operating system for each device. SO they are well optimized but that’s not the case here in the android world. There are over 500 android phones. It’s impossible to optimize apps for individual phones. Some phone has different processor, different screen size, different resolution, and so on. So, it’s difficult for android developers to optimize apps for android. Even Google application like YouTube runs better on IOS devices than on Android devices.

Software and Hardware Optimization

Now it’s time for the main reason and that is software and hardware optimization. Apple has their operating system & they also have their chipset. They can integrate both in such a way that the phone can get maximum performance from the processor. If you have your hardware and software then you can know what kind of software is needed for your hardware to make your device more optimized and smooth.

Metal API

Apple introduced metal API technology which is well-optimized for A-series processors which results in the fast and better rendering of games & graphics. That’s the reason why streamers and gamers use iPhones and iPad for streaming to give better gameplay and quality to the viewers.

So these are some Reasons for iPhone performing better than the Android phone.


1Software and Hardware optimization
2Metal API Technology
3Fast RAM & ROM
4Fast Cache Memory
5IOS Application

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