Trackon GPS Review: Ensuring Bike Safety with a Comprehensive GPS Tracker

Owning a bike comes with its own set of worries, especially when you lend it to friends or family. Additionally, the worry of bike theft can be distressing, often leaving you unsure of where to turn for help. 

Aside from that, what happens if your bike is stolen? Do you go to the police station? Police might not yield much results in densely populated cities. However, imagine if your bike could independently transmit its location to your smartphone using GPS technology. This is now possible thanks to advanced GPS tracking products like the Trackon Micro and Micro Plus–Bike GPS Trackers.

This review delves into the features and capabilities of this innovative device that promises to revolutionize bike safety.

Trackon GPS Bike Tracking Device Overview:

What is inside the box of Trackon GPS

The Trackon GPS bike tracking device is a compact GPS tracker designed for two-wheelers, including motorcycles, scooters, and more. To monitor the bike’s location, users can employ the Trackon GPS app, available for both iOS and Android platforms. Notably, Trackon GPS offers tracking solutions for cars and other vehicles as well.

Key Features of Trackon GPS Bike Tracking Device:

Seamless Connectivity:

A tracking device’s primary feature is its connectivity, and Trackon GPS excels in this aspect. Equipped with an inbuilt SIM slot that comes with a pre-installed SIM and utilizing the GSM frequency bands, it ensures real-time tracking and reliable connectivity across various locations. Trackon GPS employs the GSM frequency band ranging from 850/900 MHz to 1800/1900 MHz.

Battery Efficiency: 
The Trackon GPS tracker requires no additional power source during installation on a bike. It draws power from the engine when the ignition is on, and from the bike’s battery when in standby or ignition-off mode. The device also features an inbuilt battery for backup, allowing it to function for extended periods when disconnected from the bike’s battery.
Fleet Tracking:
For businesses that distribute bikes to employees for fieldwork, Trackon GPS offers fleet-tracking functionality. This feature enables employers to monitor employees’ routes during official hours. Geofence and speed notification alerts can be set up, notifying users if a bike exceeds specified limits.  
Parking Notification:
Receive alerts if the parked location of your bike changes unexpectedly, providing an extra layer of security against tampering or theft.  
Real-Time Tracking: 
Effortlessly track the real-time location of friends, family, colleagues, or employees, ensuring their safety and well-being.  
Emergency Response: 

GPS tracking can be used in emergencies to pinpoint the exact location of a person or vehicle in need of assistance. This can be especially valuable for search and rescue operations.
90 Days History: 
Access a comprehensive 90-day tracking history to gain insights into your bike’s routes, stops, and overall usage patterns. Trackon GPS bike tracker assists you to monitor your data and patterns. 
Geofence Alerts: 
Define geographical boundaries and receive instant notifications when your bike enters or exits these designated areas. You can now get notifications about your bike through the GPS tracker for bike whenever it gets in and out of the area where you want to be notified.  
Speed Alerts: 
Nobody wants to pay for a speeding ticket, right? You can track the performance and speed of the bike through the app, which you have assigned to your employers.

Set customized speed limits and receive alerts if your bike exceeds them, helping you ensure safe and responsible riding.  
Logistics and Delivery Services: 
Companies that provide delivery services can benefit from GPS tracking to optimize routes, estimate delivery times accurately, and provide customers with real-time updates on the location of their packages.
Waterproof Design: 

Trackon GPS boasts a waterproof design, ensuring reliable performance even in adverse weather conditions.  
Personal Tracking: 
Parents might use GPS tracking services to keep an eye on the location of their children or elderly family members, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Trackon GPS App:

The Trackon GPS tracker features a user-friendly installation process, connecting directly to the engine ignition and battery. The dedicated Trackon GPS app enhances user experience by offering a range of features: 
–    Obtain precise parking location and engine status details. 
–    Configure geofences for specific areas with entry or exit notifications.
–    Monitor multiple Trackon GPS devices from a single app.
–    Access real-time speed and location tracking. 

–    Review historical ride data, including speed, starting, and ending points. 
–    Benefit business owners with comprehensive trip information for the company vehicles.

How does Trackon GPS work?

Trackon GPS operates in a simple and user-friendly way, allowing users to
effectively track their vehicles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hardware Integration: Trackon GPS involves attaching a small device to your vehicle. This device is equipped with a SIM card that sends data to your smartphone. You don’t need to worry about getting a SIM card separately, as each Trackon GPS device already comes with one.
  2.  Mobile App: To track your vehicle, you need to download the Trackon GPS mobile app. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms.
  3. Subscription: When you buy the Trackon GPS device, you get one year of service included. This covers SIM data, SMS alerts, maintenance, and customer support. After the first year, you just need to renew your subscription at a reasonable cost to keep the service going.
  4. Installation: Installing the device is easy. If you’re near a Trackon GPS dealer point in Nepal, you can visit one and have them set up the GPS tracker on your vehicle. If you’re not near a dealer point, you can go to a local garage. You’ll receive remote guidance over the phone to ensure the tracker is installed correctly.

In a nutshell, Trackon GPS keeps things simple. Attach the small device, use the mobile app to track your vehicle, renew your subscription yearly, and enjoy the convenience. Installation is hassle-free with options for both direct visits and remote assistance in areas without nearby dealer points.

Performance and Verdict

After rigorous testing, Trackon GPS emerged as a reliable and efficient bike tracker, excelling in both hardware and software performance. The device seamlessly integrates with your bike’s power system, and the company offers hassle-free installation through their technician services. With plans starting at Rs 7190 for Trackon Micro and Rs.8190 for Trackon Micro Plus, Trackon GPS provides cost-effective solutions for long-term bike safety. The device’s features, especially its ignition status, zone alerts, and trip insights, make it an appealing choice for bike enthusiasts and business owners alike.  


Trackon GPS has redefined bike safety and monitoring with its advanced GPS tracking technology. Its range of features, from real-time tracking to historical ride insights, ensures peace of mind for bike owners, while businesses can efficiently manage their fleets. The affordability of subscription plans further enhances its
appeal. With Trackon GPS, you can stay connected to your bike like never before, making it an invaluable companion for all your rides.

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