Top BBA Colleges in Nepal, Best BBA Colleges in Kathmandu

There are multiple colleges in Nepal offering BBA programs. Many students are interested in this course but they are confused about which college should they join. In this article, we have listed the 10 top BBA colleges in Nepal along with their small overview.

Tribhuvan University along with other universities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and others offers BBA courses. There are also a few foreign universities conducting BBA courses in Nepal. However, the fee structure of these foreign universities is not pocket-friendly for most of the students. So, over 90% of students are interested in the Nepali BBA degree. Let’s have a look at the top 10 BBA Colleges in Nepal.

Benefits of Studying BBA in Nepal

There are several benefits of studying BBA in Nepal. Here is the list of benefits of studying BBA in Nepal.

  • Firstly, there is multiple organization in Nepal that accepts internship for BBA students. So, you will get some sort of work experience before your graduation.
  • BBA covers a wide range of niches like accounting, finance, marketing, and management. There are many businesses looking for these kinds of skills so there is a wide range of opportunities for you.
  • BBA graduates are likely to get high-paying jobs.
  • BBA also provides you with some networking opportunities with business professionals.

Eligibility for BBA Program in Nepal (Nepali University)

  • Students must have scored D+ or above in each subject of their Class 11 and Class 12.
  • Should pass the entrance exam conducted by respective colleges.

Top BBA Colleges in Nepal (2023/2080)

S.NTop BBA Coleges in NepalLocation
1Shanker Dev CampusPradashani Marg, Kathmandu
2Patan Multiple CampusPatan Dhoka, Lalitpur
3Kathmandu College of ManagementRing Road, Lalitpur
4KUSOMBalkumari, Lalitpur
5College of Applied BusinessChabahil, Kathmandu
6NCITBalkumari, Lalitpur
7Prime CollegePahikwo Sadak, Kathmandu
8Uniglobe CollegeBaneshwor, Kathmandu
9Padma Kanya Multiple CampusBagbazar, Kathmandu
10Prithvi Narayan CampusBhim Kali Patan Marga 1, Pokhara

Before we get started with the list of Top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal, if you have any doubt about this particular subject are you are confused about which college to choose then you can contact me at +977 9845450062 or through Instagram at @ronish_dhakal.

Top BBA Colleges in Nepal

1. Shanker Dev Campus

The first college in our list of best BBA colleges in Nepal is the Shanker Dev Campus. The college is one of the most competitive colleges to get into as the first priority for most students. You have to be among the top scorers in the CMAT exam to get admission to this college.

Shanker Dev Campus is the Best BBA College in Nepal

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) is Tribhuvan University’s most esteemed business education component campus. It is situated in the heart of Kathmandu City (Putalisadak) and is managed by a group of talented, devoted, and well-trained faculty members who are dedicated to the success of the students. It provides numerous programs in different shifts, such as BBS, BBA, BIM, BBM, BBA-Finance, MBS, and MBM (morning, day, and evening).

2. Patan Multiple Campus

If you cannot pay around NPR 8 Lakhs for BBA in a private college then you should be looking at this college. However, getting into this college is a touch as you have to score good scores on the CMAT exam conducted by TU.

Patan College is one of the best college for BBA in Nepal

Patan Multiple Campus is located in Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur. Initially, it was established with the name “Patan Inter College” on 17th Bhadra, 2011BS. It was inaugurated by Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah on Bhadra 31, 2021 BS.

It provides both bachelor’s and Masters’s programs in the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Management, and Faculty of Science. The Patan Multiple Campus is a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University.

3. Kathmandu College of Management

Kathmandu College of Management also referred to as KCM, is a higher education institution in Nepal’s Lalitpur district of Gwarko. The BBA program in Nepal was initially introduced by KCM, a management college. It is associated with Siam University and is regarded as Nepal’s top management program. An entrance exam precedes a panel discussion and an interview for admission.

Kathmandu College of Management

Since 2014, KCM has collaborated with Siam University in Thailand. Siam Institution, which was established in 1965, is the fifth-largest university in Thailand, with more than 15,000 students enrolled there. More than 60 universities from across the world collaborate academically with Siam University, which has won worldwide accreditation and recognition.

4. KUSOM (Kathmandu University School of Management)

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), which was founded in August 1993 as a premier management development institute within Kathmandu University, and was a pioneer in developing high-quality, market-responsive Graduate Management programs (MBA, EMBA, and MSM) that are widely regarded as a passport to a successful professional management career. It has generated more than 650 highly qualified management graduates who are passionately and expertly leading firms in all sectors.

KUSOM is One of the Best BBA College in Nepal

KUSOM College offers a variety of top-notch undergraduate and graduate courses, research degree programs, regular diploma programs, and postgraduate diploma programs, in addition to regular and graduate diploma programs. BBA, BBIS, BHTM, MBA, EMBA, and MSM are a few of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs available. In addition to this, KUSOM also runs a philosophy research program.

5. College of Applied Business (CAB)

The College of Applied Business is a non-profit organization dedicated to excellence that was established in 1998 by a group of knowledgeable educators and business executives. The only software functioning at the time was BBS. According to the college, having highly skilled and competent labor is a requirement for the country’s overall development. Additionally, pupils who are well-educated, have high moral standards and possess in-depth topic knowledge will be more respected by society.

College Of Applied Business

To prepare students for success in their fields, CAB has been using the proper modules and techniques in the teaching curricula. The College often uses techniques including seminars, research, and industry observation visits that have proven to be very effective in developing students’ knowledge and personalities. Additionally, the consistently high success rate attained by its pupils in the university final examinations has sufficiently justified the approaches used by CAB.

6. NCIT (Nepal College of Information Technology)

NCIT, or Nepal College of Information Technology, started operating in 2000. Balkumari, Lalitpur, is where its campus is situated. The college currently provides Bachelor’s and Master’s level engineering and management courses. It’s affiliated with Pokhara University.

NCIT is one of the top BBA Colleges in Nepal

The NCIT a forerunner in private engineering education in Nepal is known for its brilliance in research and teaching while retaining strong, mutually beneficial ties with several industries. The College offers top-notch options for higher education and develops each student’s potential by utilizing an appropriate knowledge base that fully embraces continuing social change and economic advancement.

7. Prime College

The next college on our list is Prime College. It is located in Kathmandu, Khusibun, Nayabazar. It is the first college equipped with IT. The college is properly provided with first-rate accommodations and outstanding facilities. Additionally, it is proud of the accomplishments of its alumni who have found success across a variety of global industries. It has been successful in making a name for itself as a source of exceptionally gifted people.


The institution meets the needs of the students by offering the best lecturers, academics, professionals, and faculty. Prime College’s facilitators, in contrast to those at other institutions, provide students the freedom to develop their own goals, explore their interests, and ensure that their route is obvious with the utmost support at every turn as needed.

8. Uniglobe College

One of the top BBA colleges in Nepal, Uniglobe, was established in 2009 in affiliation with Pokhara University and is committed to developing and disseminating revolutionary concepts within the management education field. The MBA, MBA (Finance), BBA, and BBA-BI are all offered at Uniglobe College.

Uniglobe College is One of the Top BBA Colleges in Nepal

In Kathmandu, New Baneshwor is where you can find Uniglobe College. The four-year, semester-based Uniglobe College BBA and BBA-BI programs’ main objective is to develop middle-level managers to satisfy the demands of businesses, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations in many functional areas of management.

9. Padma Kanya Multiple Campus

As the first women’s campus in Nepal, Padma Kanya Multiple Campus (PKMC) was founded in 1951 (Aswin 2008 B.S.).

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus

The campus now offers advanced degrees in management, science, humanities, and social sciences. Women from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, and many other nations have received education from PKMC, a campus that is a component of Tribhuvan University. Students come from a variety of socio-cultural and geographic enclaves. A total of 4.6 acres belong to PKMC. On campus, a variety of buildings have been built for classrooms, libraries, labs, dorms, and playgrounds. The mission of this campus is to empower women via high-quality education.

10. Prithvi Narayan Campus

If you are from Pokhara and want to study BBA in one of the top colleges in Nepal then Prithvi Narayan Campus is a good option for you. It is located in the lovely city, of Pokhara. The campus, which has a history spanning more than 50 years, is one of Tribhuvan University’s oldest and largest campuses and is committed to helping students become leaders in a complicated society by discovering answers to problems.

Prithvi Narayan College

The campus, a Tribhuvan University-affiliated institution of higher learning that is sponsored by the state, has long served as the primary hub for higher education in the

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