Speed war between different ISPs has begun in Nepal. After CG Net launched the revolutionary 120Mbps internet plan at just NPR 999 (without VAT), Subisu has announced an even faster 150Mbps “INTERNET CHHA KAAMAL SPEED SUPER BAABAL” offer. Let’s have a look at the offers, availability, and price of Subisu 150Mps Internet in Nepal.

Subisu 150Mbps Internet Overview:

Previously, the CG Net 120Mbps plan was the highest bandwidth consumer-grade internet plan in Nepal but now Subisu replaces CG Net with its 150Mbps Plan. In addition, you also get a Clear TV subscription where you can connect up to 4 TVs under this plan.

Pricing and Offers

You have to pay NPR 26,549 for an annual subscription whereas the bi-annual package costs you NPR 13,540. If you take an annual subscription, Subisu will provide you a free 5Ghz router. Meanwhile, customers have to pay NPR 1,327 for a 5Ghz router with a bi-annual subscription.

Also, the set-top box cost for 12 months plan is comparatively less than a 6-month plan. You have to pay NPR 2,212 and NPR 1,769 for the set-top box with a 6-month plan and 12 months plan respectively. In total, Customers have to pay NPR 28,318 for an annual plan and NPR 17,079 for a semi-annual plan.

Subisu 150Mbps Internet Plan6 Months12 Months
Recurring ChargeNPR 13,540NPR 26,549
5Ghz RouterNPR 1,327Free
1x STB (Set-Top Box)NPR 2,212NPR 1,769
AdditionalUp to 4 Clear TV ConnectionsUp to 4 Clear TV Connections
TotalNPR 17,079NPR 28,318
  • Note:
    • 13% VAT applicable to all the prices mentioned above
    • Fair Usage Policy is applicable

Availability and Booking

Currently, Subisu’s 150Mbps “INTERNET CHHA KAAMAL SPEED SUPER BAABAL” offer is available in Kathmandu Valley only. Subisu has started taking the booking of this offer. You can book the plan from Subisu’s official website or you can contact them through phone or email.

My Opinion

Although it is the highest bandwidth consumer-grade internet plan in Nepal, it is comparatively expensive with the recently launched CG Net 120Mbps plan. We have to pay more than double the price of the CG Net 120Mbps Plan for the 150Mbps plan of Subisu. There won’t be a huge speed difference between speeds of these plans. But the Subisu takes advantage of its Clear TV connection.

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