How to Start Blogging in Nepal?

Thinking of starting a blog website in Nepal but have no idea how to get started? Don’t worry, we are here with tips and guides for you to start your blogging career in Nepal.

Guide to Start Blogging in Nepal

1. Decide You Niche

Before you get started with blogging, you have to choose a niche (topic). Always choose a niche in which you are interested or you have some sort of knowledge in it. Like, if you are a gadget freak and tech enthusiast, you can start a tech blogging website.

2. Register a Domain and Get Hosting

After you decided on your niche, look for a domain relevant to your niche. Normally, people prefer a .com domain for international blogging but if you are targeting a specific country then you can get a country-level domain like However, I recommend you get a .com domain.

Alongside the domain, you need to buy hosting as well. You can start with entry-level cloud hosting at the beginning and you can upgrade it later according to traffic on your website.

There are many hosting providers in Nepal like Prabhu Host, Protozoa Host, Babal Host, and So on. I am using Prabhu hosting for this website.

3. Choose a CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System. One of the popular content management systems is WordPress. Personally, I am also using WordPress as my CMS. Compared to other CMS, WordPress is easy to use and doesn’t charge you a single penny as well. Blogspot is also a popular CMS that is used by thousands of bloggers.

However, if you are not familiar with simple coding and don’t know how to use it then there are hundreds or thousands of tutorials on youtube to get started with WordPress.

4. Customize Your Website

After you connected your domain and hosting with a CMS, then you can choose a theme. A theme is basically the appearance of your website. It determines how your website is going to look like. You can choose any theme in WordPress and you can use the free theme at the beginning.

5. Start Blogging

Once you finish setting up your website, you can start blogging now. Create pages and categories and start adding posts to your website.

Writing a post in WordPress or any CMS is just like writing an essay in Microsoft Word. Even if you are confused, you can visit youtube and watch some videos on how to write an article on WordPress.

6. SEO

After you wrote a few articles, you can start focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Once again, you can take the help of Youtube or any SEO Expert.

You need to connect your website with Google Search Console and Google Analytics in order to index your pages in Google and track their performances.

So these are the few steps that may help you to start a blogging career in Nepal. If you have any confusion or need any help, you can contact me through my Instagram handle (@ronish_dhakal) or via mail (

Also, Watch a video of installing a News Theme in WordPress

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