NEB SEE Routine 2080 | SEE (Class 10) Routine 2080

As of now, NEB has not published the SEE Routine 2080. Still, there are more than 9 months for SEE Exam 2080. So, we expect the NEB to publish the SEE Rotuine by the end of Poush or Magh. Till then check the SEE Routine of last year.

SEE Routine 2080 (Last Year):

SEE Routine 2079

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NEB SEE Routine 2080 (Regular Faculty):

1Chaitra 17Compulsory English
2Chaitra 19Compulsory Mathematics
3Chaitra 20Compulsory Nepali
4Chaitra 22Compulsory Science
5Chaitra 23Social Studies
6Chaitra 24HPE (Health and Physical Education)
7Chaitra 25Optional 1st
8Chaitra 26Optional 2nd

The exam starts at 8:00 AM and till 11:0AM. As always, Compulsory English is the first exam to be held in this year’s SEE exam followed by Compulsory Mathematics. Likewise, the SEE Exam 2079 will begin from Chaitra 17 and run till Chaitra 26 for general students while for technical students exam will last till Chaitra 29.

In the last couple of years, an internal evaluation of the students was done as there was a high number of Covid cases in the country. From last year onwards the SEE exam was held physically at respective exam centers. As of now, NEB has planned to conduct SEE Exam 2079 physically in different centers as well. This means there won’t be Home Center in this Year’s SEE exam.

What After SEE 2080?

After the completion of the SEE Exam 2079, there will be sort of a tension for students to choose their faculty for the +2 level. You have to join a bridge course to prepare for the entrance examination. If you want to go towards Medical, Engineering, and BSc Faculty in Bachelor, then you have to choose Science faculty.

For those who can pursue their Bachelor’s degree in BBA, CA, BBS, other any other management field in the future, you have to take Management as your major faculty. However, if you join Science, you can join Management related course in Bachelor as well.

  • Also, check a video discussing the NEB SEE Routine 2079

BTW, Are you satisfied with the time given by NEB for the preparation of SEE Exam 2079?

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