Nairobi Fly in Nepal | Everything You Need To Know

After affecting some parts of India, Nairobi Fly has also entered the eastern part of Nepal. As of now, it has been reported in some places like Birtamode, Dharan, Bardibas, and so on. Nairobi Fly is slowly spreading in Nepal. According to reports, Jhapa is the most affected place by Nairobi Fly-in Nepal.

Nairobi Fly has been reported in three different municipalities in the Jhapa districts. Those municipalities are Birtamode, Arjundhara, and Mechinagar. As of now, hundreds of people are already infected by the Nairobi Fly. After Jhapa, Nairobi Fly has also started affecting Banke as well. Many people have visited hospitals after they started seeing the effect of Naribi Fly on their bodies.

Just now, Nairobi Fly infections have been detected in Ilam as well. At some local levels of the district, including Mai, Suryodaya, and Ilam municipalities as well as Rong rural municipality, people with the Nairobi fly infection can be found.

What is Nairobi Fly?

The two species of tiny, beetle-like insects known as Nairobi flies are Paederus Eximius and Paederus Sabaeus. They are sometimes referred to as Kenyan flies or dragon bugs. They have an orange and black coloration and thrive in areas with a lot of rainfall. Like other insects, beetles are drawn to bright light. Paederus Dermatitis, which manifests as blisters and burning sensations, is brought on by the Paederus of beetles, native to East Africa.

Nairobi Fly

These flies are not venomous. But if the fly lands on your body, stay away from it. It releases dangerous acid-like compounds when touched. It needs to be just gently blown away. After blowing it off your hands, wash them with soap if it happened to sit there.

How to Stay Safe from Nairobi Fly-in Nepal?

To stay safe from Nairobi Fly-in Nepal or in any part of the world, you can follow the following steps.

-Wear full sleeve clothes while going out at night

– If Nairobi Fly lands on your body, do not touch it with your hand

-Wash the area where the Nairobi Fly Landed on your body

– Sleep Under Mosquito Nets

The Outbreak of Nairobi Fly

This disease has experienced significant epidemics in Kenya and other parts of eastern Africa. The Associated Press claims that the area experienced a huge increase in insects in 1998 as a result of unusually heavy rain. Outbreaks have already happened outside of Africa in places like India, Japan, Israel, and Paraguay. And now, it is affecting Nepal as well.

Nairobi Fly has shown its effects in Nepal. As we stated earlier, areas near the board of Nepal and India are mostly affected which are are leading to other parts of Nepal as well. You have to be really careful as they are showing some serious effect on the masses.

Also, watch a video discussing Nairobi Fly-in Nepal

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