How to Watch Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal? (Free Methods)

For the first time, Nepal has qualified for the Asia Cup Cricket. It is a historic moment for Nepal, and we are excited for the tournament to kick off. Here, I have listed multiple free options for watching Asia Cup 2023 Live in Nepal (TV, Mobile, and Laptop).

Watch the Asia Cup Live on TV

Star Sports will be broadcasting the Asia Cup on TV in multiple countries including Nepal. Also, you can watch the Asia Cup on Dish Home as well.

How to Watch IPL Live in Nepal on Mobile?

As most of the users will be watching Asia Cup Live on Mobile, let’s talk about it first. There are many applications and websites to watch Asia Cup 2023 live in Nepal for Free on Mobile.


I am also using RTS TV to watch Asia Cup Live on my Mobile. It is probably the best application to watch Asia Cup in Nepal without any VPN. It serves the best quality with minimum delay. However, it sometimes lags but there are many channels to choose from. So, you can simply change the channel and enjoy the game.

2. Smartcric

Smartcric have both web and app version. If you don’t want to download the app, you can watch the Asia Cup Match live from their website. For that, simply search from smartcric on Google or any search engine. Just follow the instructions provided there and watch the match for free.

3. Yosin TV

Yosin TV is a website that provides both football and cricket matches at very high quality. It is also streaming the Asia Cup 2023 for Free in Nepal. Yosin TV gives you the option to choose different language commentary. Also, you can choose the quality of the video which is very helpful for controlling the quality of the video.

Multiple applications and websites are streaming the IPL match for free but these are the website and apps I have tested myself on my mobile phones.

How to Watch IPL in Nepal on a Laptop For Free?

Now, it’s time for a laptop. If you don’t want to watch Asia Cup Match on the small screen of a mobile phone then follow to below method to watch Asia Cup Live in Nepal on a Laptop for Free.

1. Yosin TV

Yet again, Yosin TV is here and there is a reason for it to be here. It provides high-quality matches and it doesn’t have a noticeable delay at all. As I mentioned earlier, it has the option to choose different language communities and you can choose the quality yourself.

However, Yosin TV also serves a lot of annoying ads while navigating through their website. But once you opened the match, the website won’t push the ads and you watch the ads-free match.

2. Crictime

Crictime is also a good option to watch Asia Cup Live in Nepal. It only provides English commentary videos with fixed video quality. Also, it serves slightly more ads than Yosin TV. There is also a noticeable delay of around 2-3 balls.

Like Yosin TV, it also doesn’t push ads once you start watching the match.

3. Using Emulator

You can also use Emulator on your laptop or computer to watch IPL in Nepal For free. Once you installed Emulator on your system, you can download any of the applications mentioned above. However, it recommends you watch on Yosin TV on the laptop as it serves lag-free high-quality IPL Match.

There are also many websites but these are the ones I have tried and almost every method has impressed me.

About Asia Cup 2023

Asia Cup Cricket 2023 is all set to begin on August 30 with an opening match between Pakistan and Nepal at Multan Cricket Stadium. It is a 50-over tournament and the game will begin at 3:15 PM and toss at 2:45 PM.

After the first match, Nepal along with Pakistan will fly to Sri Lanka to continue the tournament and this year’s Asia Cup is being conducted in the hybrid model.

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