Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Ban in Nepal: Is this really gonna happen?

If you remember, PUBG Mobile was banned in Nepal more than a year ago. However, the ban was removed within a few weeks. And Free Fire was not a concern till now. But recently, a parliament member has requested the Nepal government to ban online mobile games such as PUBG and Free Fire in Nepal. In this post, we will be looking at this whole scenario and discuss is banning Free Fire and PUBG mobile is the right solution.

Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Ban in Nepal:

Free Fire and PUBG are Battle Royale Games. Currently, they are one of the popular mobile games. They are also very popular among Nepalese youngsters and children.

Player Playing PUBG Mobile

Now, an honorable parliament member, Mrs. Asha Kumari BK has asked the Nepal government to ban different online games including Free Fire and PUBG. She says that online games are creating lots of negative impacts on children and it is affecting their mental health.

She added, if the Nepal government didn’t take any proper steps then the mental hospital will be full of youth patients. With negative impacts, she also said that it has brought different opportunities to youth to represent Nepal on the global stage.

Meanwhile, there are lots of Nepali gamers and YouTubers who are doing great with Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. They are earning a good amount of money and also representing Nepal in different stages. After this whole scenario, one of the most popular PUBG and Free Fire Streamers of Nepal, Mr. Pawan Jung Thapa aka 4k Gaming Nepal said that it will be difficult for him if PUBG gets banned in Nepal.

PUBG Mobile

DRS Gaming, probably the most successful esports team in Nepal has represented Nepal on the global stage multiple times. It’s not only about representing Nepal, they also get a huge amount of money. DRS Gaming recently won nearly NPR 65 lakhs which they completely donated in Nepal.

So, Online Gaming not only have a negative impact. They are creating different opportunities for youth on the global stage. Nepal’s Government should be looking at its positive impact before making a decision. Nepal is not a only country where Online Games are played. These games are played all over the world. Some countries are taking it as a good signal while some countries like Nepal are just looking at its negative impact.

In conclusion, Banning is not the only option. If you want your children to stay away from these kinds of games then you can call your ISP to block a particular game or application. Let other play who are doing well and enjoying their gameplay.  

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  1. Free Fire and PUBG is a game which represents Nepal in PUBG championship Nepal got second position and in Free Fire many YouTube channel like tonde gaming laka gaming abishek yt this all channel will dead and many Nepal economy will down so FF and PUBG should not be band in Nepal


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