New IOS Update (15.4 Beta) enables Face ID to work with a mask

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, iPhone’s face unlocks features were almost useless as most of the people were wearing a face mask. After that, Apple made Face IR compatible with wearing masks. However, you need to have an Apple Watch connected o your iPhone.

Finally, Apple has solved this problem with its new IOS 15.4 Beta. Now, you can only register some part of your face which can be useful while using a face mask. That allows you to unlock your iPhone without having an Apple watch connected to it. However, it is limited to the iPhone 12 and 13 series.

Face ID with Mask Setting

According to the company, this new feature uses the details around the eyes. Although it makes it easier to unlock the iPhone while using a mask, it is not accurate as a full-face Face ID. While setting Face ID with a mask, you get a warning saying it is not accurate as of the other one.

With the new IOS 15.4 beta update, the face recognition with glasses has also improved. You can also use the “Face ID with Mask” feature while using Glasses. However, Face ID doesn’t work with all sunglasses so you may have to take off your glasses sometime.

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