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Mobile Price in Nepal

Here, we have listed the latest mobile phones price in Nepal. If we compare with India, the Mobile price in Nepal is pretty high. However, some companies like Xiaomi and Samsung have been launching their smartphones in Nepal at a very aggressive price. On the other hand, other smartphone brands like Realme, Oppo, and Vivo are launching their mobile phones at a pretty high price.

Let’s have a look at the latest mobile phones price in Nepal from all brands available in the market right now.

Apple iPhone

All new iPhones from the 13 series are available in Nepal. However, some older devices including iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max are discontinued in Nepal. Check the latest price of iPhones in Nepal.

Apple iPhone ModelsPrice in Nepal
iPhone 13 Pro MaxNPR 189,990 (128GB)
NPR 205,990 (256GB)
NPR 239,990 (512GB)
NPR 274,990 (1TB)
iPhone 13 ProNPR 174,990 (128GB)
NPR 189,990 (256GB)
NPR 224,990 (512GB)
NPR 255,990 (1TB)
iPhone 13NPR 137,990 (128GB)
NPR 154,990 (256GB)
NPR 189,990 (512GB)
iPhone 13 MiniNPR120,990 (128GB)
NPR 137,990 (256GB)
NPR 171,990 (512GB)
iPhone 12NPR 120,900 (64GB)
NPR 128,900 (128GB)
NPR 144,900 (256GB)
iPhone 11NPR 86,900 (64GB)
NPR 94,900 (128GB)
iPhone SE 2020NPR 70,000 (64GB)
NPR 79,500 (128GB)
NPR 96,000 (256GB)


There are plenty of Samsung smartphones available in Nepal right now. Samsung sells smartphones of all category from entry-level smartphones all the way up to flagship smartphones as well. Let’s have a look at the latest price of all Samsung mobiles phones available in Nepal right now.

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Samsung MobilePrice in Nepal (Official)
Galaxy M01 CoreNPR 8,399 (1/16GB)
NPR 9,999 (2/32GB)
Galaxy M01NPR 13,599 (3/32GB)
Galaxy M01sNPR 14,999 (3/32GB)
Galaxy M02NPR 11,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 12,999 (3/32GB)
Galaxy A03sNPR 15,499 (3/32GB)
NPR 16,999 (4/64GB)
Galaxy M02sNPR 15,999 (4/64GB)
Galaxy M11NPR  14,899 (3/32GB)
Galaxy M12NPR 18,499 (4/64GB)
NPR 22,499 (6/128GB)
Galaxy A12NPR 18,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 19,999 (4/128GB)
Galaxy F22NPR 20,499 (4/64GB)
NPR 23,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy A22NPR 27,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy M21NPR 21,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 25,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy M31NPR 29,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 34,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy M32NPR 24,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 27,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy A32NPR 31,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy F42 5GNPR 31,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 34,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy M51NPR 39,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 43,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy M62NPR 39,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 42,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy A51NPR 39,999 (6/128GB)
Galaxy A52NPR 41,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy M52 5GNPR 42,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 45,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy A71NPR 49,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy A72NPR 51,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 56,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy A52s 5GNPR 53,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 56,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy Note 10 LiteNPR 58,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy S20 FENPR 69,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 74,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy S21 FENPR 89,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy S20+NPR 94,999 (8/128GB)
Galaxy Note 20NPR 1,09,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy Note 20 UltraNPR 1,39,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy S21NPR 1,09,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy S21+NPR 1,29,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy S21 UltraNPR 1,54,999 (12/256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 2NPR 2,49,999 (12/256GB)
Galaxy Z Flip 3NPR 124,999 (8/256GB)
Galaxy Z Fold 3NPR 219,999 (12/256GB)
NPR 229,999 (12/512GB)


OnePlus Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (Official)
OnePlus Nord N100NPR 22,999 (4/64GB)
OnePlus Nord N10 5GNPR 39,499 (6/128GB)
OnePlus Nord CE 5GNPR 44,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 51,499 (12/256GB)
OnePlus NordNPR 53,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 63,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus Nord 2NPR 59,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 69,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8NPR 92,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8TNPR 78,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 85,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8 ProNPR125,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 9NPR 104,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 9 ProNPR 119,990 (8/256GB)
NPR 129,990 (12/256GB)


Check the list of all Xiaomi/Redmi Mobile Phones Price in Nepal.

Xiaomi Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Redmi 9ANPR 12,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 13,999 (3/34GB)
Redmi 9CNPR 12,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 14,999 (3/32GB)
Redmi 8A DualNPR 13,499 (2/32GB)
NPR 14,499 (3/32GB)
NPR 14,999 (3/64GB)
Redmi 9 (Prime)NPR 16,999 (3/32GB)
NPR 17,999 (4/64GB)
Redmi 9 PowerNPR 18,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 20,999 (4/128GB)
Redmi Note 9NPR 19,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 22,999 (4/128GB)
NPR 24,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 9 ProNPR 26,999 (4/128GB)
NPR 29,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxNPR 29,999 (6/64GB)
NPR 31,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 34,999 (8/128GB)
Redmi 10 PrimeNPR 20,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 23,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 10NPR 21,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 22,999 (4/128GB)
NPR 24,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 10sNPR 24,999 (6/64GB)
NPR 26,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 10 Pro (Max)NPR 29,999 (6/64GB)
NPR 33,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 36,999 (8/128GB)
Xiaomi Mi A3NPR 23,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 27,999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 LiteNPR 44,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 49,999 (8/128GB)
Xiaomi Mi 10NPR 89,999 (8/256GB)
Xiaomi Mi 11 LiteNPR 34,999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi Mi 11x ProNPR 64,999 (8/128GB)
NPR 67,999 (8/256GB)
Xiaomi Mi 11NPR 89,999 (8/256GB)


Check the price of all Poco Mobile Phones available in Nepal right now.

Poco C3NPR 13,999 (3/32GB)
NPR 14,999 (4/64GB)
Poco C31NPR 15,999 (4/64GB)
Poco M2 ReloadedNPR 17,999 (4/64GB)
Poco M2NPR 18,999 (6/64GB)
NPR 19,999 (6/128GB)
Poco M3NPR 17,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 19,499 (4/128GB)
Poco M3 Pro 5GNPR 23,999 (4/64GB)
NPR 26,999 (6/128GB)
Poco X3 NFCNPR 29,999 (6/128GB)
Poco X3NPR 29,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 31,999 (8/128GB)
Poco X3 ProNPR 31,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 36,999 (8/256GB)
Poco F3NPR 46,999 (6/128GB)
NPR 51,999 (8/256GB)
Poco F3 GTNPR 51,999 (8/256GB)


Check the Oppo Mobile phones price in Nepal.

Oppo MobilesPrice in Nepal (Official)
Oppo A1kNPR 14,690 (2/32GB)
Oppo A12NPR 14,990 (3/64GB)
NPR 20,790 (4/64GB)
Oppo A15NPR 15,790 (2/32GB)
NPR 18,590 (3/32GB)
Oppo A15sNPR 21,990 (4/64GB)
Oppo A16NPR 18,990 (3/32GB)
OppoA5 2020NPR 22,990 (3/64GB)
NPR 25,490 (4/128GB)
Oppo A31`NPR 26,590 (4/64GB)
Oppo A54NPR 25,990 (4/128GB)
Oppo A53NPR 22,090 (4/64GB)
Oppo A52NPR 29,990 (4/128GB)
Oppo A9 2020NPR 33,590 (8/128GB)
Oppo F15NPR 39,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo F17NPR 33,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo F17 ProNPR 43,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo F19NPR 31,990 (6/128GB)
Oppo F19 ProNPR 39,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo Reno 3NPR 46,990 (8/128GB)


Let’s have a look at the Vivo Mobile phones price in Nepal right now.

Vivo Mobiles ListPrice in Nepal (Official)
Vivo Y91c 2020NPR 12,999
Vivo Y1sNPR 12,999
Vivo Y11NPR 17,499
Vivo Y12sNPR 17,499
Vivo Y20NPR 19,990 (3/64GB)
NPR 22,799 (4/64GB)
Vivo Y15sNPR 19,999 (3/64GB)
Vivo Y12NPR 21,590
Vivo Y21NPR 22,999 (4/64GB)
Vivo Y20sNPR 25,499
Vivo Y30NPR 23,499 (4/64GB)
NPR 25,999 (4/128GB)
Vivo Y51NPR 33,499
Vivo Y53sNPR 34,999
Vivo S1 ProNPR 36,790
Vivo V20 SENPR 37,999
Vivo V19NPR 45,999
Vivo V20NPR 44,990
Vivo V21eNPR 39,999
Vivo V21NPR 49,999


Check the price of all Realme mobile phones available in Nepal right now.

Realme SmartphonesPrice in Nepal (Official)
Realme C11 2021NPR 12,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 15,499 (4/64GB)
Realme C20NPR 12,849 (2/32GB)
Realme Narzo 50iNPR 12,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 15,499 (4/64GB)
Realme C21NPR 16,999 (4/64GB)
Realme C21YNPR 17,099 (4/64GB)
Realme Narzo 50ANPR 19,499 (4/64GB)
NPR 21,199 (4/128GB)
Realme C25YNPR 20,499 (4/128GB)
Realme 8iNPR 23,799 (4/64GB)
NPR 27,199 (6/128GB)
Realme 8NPR 28,799 (6/128GB)
NPR 30,499 (8/128GB)
Realme GT Neo 2NPR 54,199 (8/128GB)
NPR 60,999 (12/256GB)


Check the price of all Nokia Mobiles phones in Nepal.

Nokia Mobile ModelPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Nokia C1NPR 7,199
Nokia C1 2nd EditionNPR 7,699
Nokia C1 PlusNPR 8,399
Nokia C2NPR 9,299
Nokia C20NPR 9,999 (1/16GB)
NPR 10,999 (2/32GB)
Nokia 1.4NPR 12,899
Nokia C30NPR 12,999
Nokia G10NPR 16,999
Nokia G20NPR 19,999


Check the CoolPad mobile phones price in Nepal.

CoolPad Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP) 
Coolpad Cool N7 PlusNPR 15,299 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool 5NPR 14,399 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool
Coolpad Cool 10 NPR 16,595 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool XNPR 17,999 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool SNPR 18,995 (4/128GB)
Coolpad Cool 10ANPR 12,495 (4/64GB)
Coolpad Cool 12ANPR 13,495 (3/32GB)


Check the price of all Infinix mobile phones in Nepal.

Infinix Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Infinix Hot 9 PlayNPR 11,490
Infinix Hot 9 Play TurboNPR 14,990
Infinix Smart 5NPR 12,990 (2/32GB)
NPR 14,990 (3/64GB)
Infinix Hot 10 PlayNPR 17,140 (4/64GB)
Infinix Hot 10NPR 18,490 (4/128GB)
Infinix Note 10NPR 23,140 (6/128GB)
Infinix Hot 10sNPR 19,990 (4/128GB)


Have a look at the list of Motorola Mobile phones price in Nepal.

Motorola Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Moto E7 PowerNPR 12,999 (2/32GB)
NPR 15,990 (4/64GB)
Moto E7 PlusNPR 16,590 (4/64GB)
Moto G9 PlayNPR 19,990 (4/128GB)


Lava Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Lava Iris 31NPR 4,999
Lava Iris 43NPR 5,899
Lava Iris 45NPR 6,299
Lava Iris 50cNPR 7,599
Lava Iris 51NPR 7,999
Lava Iris 52NPR 9,499
Lava Iris 54NPR 7,999
Lava Iris 61NPR 6,799
Lava Iris 65NPR 8,999
Lava Iris 88NPR 10,999
Lava Iris 89NPR 11,999
Lava V+ 6 PrimeNPR 9,999
Lava R3 PrimeNPR 18,999
Lava R3 NoteNPR 13,999
LavaR5NPR 22,999
Lava R5vNPR 14,999
Lava R5 PlayNPR 12,799
Lava Benco V7NPR 9,999
Lava Benco V8NPR 12,999


Symphony Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Symphony Z18NPR 11,999
Symphony Z28NPR 13,499
Symphony Z30 ProNPR 16,499
Symphony Z32NPR 13,264
Symphony Z40NPR 17,999


Micromax Mobile ModelsPrice in Nepal (MRP)
Micromax IN Note 1NPR 17,990 (4/64GB)
NPR 19,990 (4/128GB)

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