Apple sold over 100 million apple watch

Apple shipped over 100 million units of Apple watch all over the world. It was recently reported that there are over 1 billion iPhone users.

Apple Watch Report 1

Apple watch is not a old device. The first apple watch was launched in 2015. Within 6 years, Apple achieved this milestone. Although Apple watch is the most expensive smart watch, people are buying this product. During 2020 alone, Apple shipped over 30 million units which is outstanding.

Apple Watch Report 2

Around 35% of iPhone users in US users Apple watch. It all about the eco-system apple created. With premium looks and high quality user experience, apple created their brand value which other company are unable to do.

In the country like Nepal, the price of Apple watch is so high. Even apple watch 5 (GPS only) costs NPR 63,000 (~$530) which is way expensive than in US. Although they are expensive we see some random people wearing Apple watch in Nepal. They might have imported it from other countries or bought in Nepal too.

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