Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer

Computer is making our life easier and faster due to its high speed, accuracy, versatility, storage capacity and so on. We can use same computer for different works like business, entertainment, study etc so computer is also known as versatile machine. It continuously does our work without being tired or bored. Computer has several advantages but have some disadvantages too. Here I have sorted some advantages and disadvantage of computer.

Advantages of Computer


Especially during this pandemic the use of computer for study has increased rapidly. Not only during pandemic, Students were using computer for online research, online study, etc. There are different websites available on the internet from which student can get their study materials. They can even contact their teachers and friends directly using internet. Student can learn the topic they are interested in. If you want to learn web designing then you can find tutorial on different video streaming platform for free. If you use computer as a source of Education then you cann’t find better option than this.

2. Business

Nowadays, online culture has been developed like online shopping, online meeting and so on. Different brands are using social media like facebook, YouTube, twitter as their business promoting platform and they are getting benefits too. Brands contact their customers via emails and other message sending platforms like messenger, whatsapp, etc. Computer has been used for creating graphic, videos and audio production. Due to high storage capacity, brands are using it as a storage device.

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3. Medical

Computer is used in hospital with different purposes. Billing, data storing etc are some common examples. Thesedays computer assisted therapy has also started. We can contact medical professionals vai emails, message, video chat etc. We can take their suggestion without visiting them physically. Computer is used for medical research purpose as well.

4. Entertainment

We can enjoy watching movies, comedy show etc on computer. There are different video streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube etc through which we can watch web series, listen music etc. It makes us relaxed. We can invite your friends and can watch movies together and don’t have to book whole theater to watch movie. You can simply take monthly or yearly subscription at minimal price.

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5. Earning Source

We can earn money online thesedays by writing blogs, creating videos etc. If you are a good writer then you can start your own website and start writing content. You can serve ads on your blog in order to earn money. There are different companies through which you can earn money and the main ads serving company is Google Adsense.

Disadvantages of Computer

1. Waste of Time

Nowadays people are spending lots of time on social media like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube etc. People don’t care about anything once they start sharing posts or watching other posts on social media.

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2. Hamper on Study

Due to online gaming culture lots are students are running their study for playing games. Yes some are doing well too and getting chance in international level and they are earning lots of money. But lots of children are spending their time on social media and video games.

3. Unemployment

Thesedays lots of works are done through computers. All people don’t know how to operate computer. Due to which they are not getting opportunity.

4. Cyber Crime

This is one of the major problem of computer. People are sealing other information without their permission. Hacker are hacking different bank information and creating lots of problems.

So these are some advantages and disadvantages of computer. If you know more then don’t forget to comment down below.

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